Best Magisk Module for gaming 2020

Best magisk module for gaming 2020

Best Magisk Modules For Gaming 2020

 Best New Gaming Magisk Modules 2020. In this guide, we’ll look at how to install Magisk modules.

Magisk opens up your device to a world of modifications. The root is just one of the many modules you can install. A “Module” is an installable modification that allows for easy customization and tinkering. These modules include things like ad-blockers, emoji replacements, CameraAPI2 enablers, and much more. They’re handy mods that can extend the functionality of your Android device. Tons of useful modules can be found right here on XDA and in the Magisk Manager app. You can find the modules in the Manager app from the slide-out menu.

How To Install These Magisk Modules-

You need to use this method if you’re downloading modules manually-

  1. Download the module to your phone’s storage.
  2. In Magisk Manager, open the sidebar and select Modules.
  3. Hit the Plus icon, then locate your downloaded module.
  4. Long press on the module and select Open. It will begin installing right away.
  5. Reboot your phone when prompted.


This module aim to improve kernel / ram management between efficiency and energy aware. Using a complex algorithm, it determine the most optimal settings between battery and performance for your device.
NFS improve your overall experience, as well as specifically enhances PUBG performance, Others Games also.Very simple to use, You just install it and it will handle everything else. This tool is, in part proactive .It takes heavily into account, the amount of memory on your device, to calculate the appropriate values.

Excellent multitasking and memory management.
Improve Standby, as well as screen battery life .
A smooth and fluid,overall enhanced,user experience.
A fantastic Magisk Module.

Download NFS-Injector Here


Eliminate Lags and Throttling — Run Your Game Smoothly and Comfortably with No Substantial Performance Drops. This will improve overall performance but in exchange for a bit increased power usage and may cause heating.
Flash at your own risk, I’m not responsible for lost data or bricked devices. Some phones aren't booting when installing the module. Get the best kernel for your device to handle MAGNETAR’s power. Improve Gaming Experience.

Download MAGNETAR Here


Sa2ration is a super simple app to change the saturation on your rooted Android Oreo device. It is confirmed to be functional on both the Pixel 1 and Pixel 2, and will likely work on other Oreo devices, as well.

- Change the saturation level of your Android Oreo device.
- Toggle sRGB colorspace.

Download Sa2ration Here

Improve Gaming Experience 

If you use your phone for extensive gaming, this module is worth to try. I am using this prop value into my phone manually after experiencing lag while playing PUBG Mobile on my android phone. This modified build prop has increased my gaming experience. But (maybe) if someone wants to try will facing difficulties in implementing this. So I decided to make this build prop tweaking easy to adopt by creating a simple magisk module.

Download Improve gaming experience Here

Installation  [Video]:-

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I hope you have installed these magisk modules for better gaming experience on your android smartphone successfully without any problem. If facing any issue leave a comment or feedback down below.

Thank you!.

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