Descendant OS for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 [X00TD]

Download Descendant OS For Android Phones

Descendant is a customized Android that aims to add useful tweaks over Android 10. We didn’t fill the system with tons of features. We think less is more. You will get preloaded applications like Kiwi Browser, Open Camera, Amaze File Manager, Markup, etc.


Most Feature Rich
Most Customizable
Impressive UI

Next level customization-

If you thought CyanogenMod was the best customizable ROM ever available for Android, then you are in for a treat. Havoc-OS takes customization to the next level. The custom ROM is a beast when it comes to customization. You can change almost anything on your device. If it exists, it is customizable.

Battery saving-

Almost all phones have a battery saver application that gets activated automatically when the battery falls below 15-20% or you can even switch it on manually. In Havoc however, you get multiple features to do so. One such feature is ‘Sensor block per-package’. You can switch it on manually. What this feature does it that it essentially blocks the access to certain sensors on your phone for certain apps, which saves battery. Another feature is ‘Alarm blocker’, which prevents certain applications from waking up your phone when you get notifications. Using these battery saving features can sometimes give you a massive boost in screen-on times.

Quick Settings-

Quick settings can be accessed by pulling the notification shade further down. Most Android skins allow you some basic quick settings including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data toggles, etc. Havoc-OS, on the other hand, can offer you multiple quick setting toggles, and even some features that wouldn’t previously exist on your device like screen recording (which can be accessed from the quick settings).


This release was planned to be something bigger, but after a talk with our maintainer, we decided to add changes that are pretty essential to close down this Pie chapter, with a mix of… trying to improve what we had already and fixing some bugs and keeping everything up-to-date… and why not have some fun in-between?

That’s why we share to you our changelog:-

* Fixes for Q clock strings
* Long screenshot
* Internal Audio recording
* New launcher quick space stuff: Adding now playing -even though it's not fully compatible-, Personality (taken from lawnchair) and a new UI, more minimalistic
* Fixed the inverted navbar layout
* People actually fell off thinking that Shishu Launcher Premium was a thing, so we reverted that joke on our changelog
* Switched to Lineage Fingerprint on Display code
* Added support for sliders for OP devices
* Added some goofy stuff: like The Drill and Developer mode insulter
* Updated our APNs
* Fixed dialer dark numbers on Numpad
* Misc fixes
* Removed Roblox as a system app

Setting Features-


  • Battery performance profiles
  • Sensor block per-package
  • Wakelock blocker
  • Alarm blocker
  • Optimal charge level alert

Havoc Settings-

  • Status Bar:
  • Quick pulldown
  • Smart pulldown
  • Tap to sleep
  • Brightness control
  • Battery icon styles
  • Bluetooth battery status
  • Battery bar
  • Battery saver color
  • Clock & date options
  • Statusbar logo
  • No sim network hide
  • Disable no sim icon
  • Volte icon
  • Network icon customization
  • Net activity
  • Custom carrier label
  • System icons


  • Power menu tweaks
  • Volume dialog tweaks

Quick Settings-

  • Brightness slider customization
  • QS panel footer customization
  • QS layout editor
  • Custom header images


  • Disable FC notifications
  • Force expanded notifications
  • Disable immersive mode messages
  • Kill the app button in the notification
  • Screen-on notifications
  • Toast icon
  • Toast animation
  • Toast icon color
  • Toast text color
  • Heads up toggle
  • Heads up timeout
  • Heads up blacklist
  • Heads up stoplist
  • Snooze timer
  • Statusbar ticker
  • Ticker animation
  • In-Call vibration options
  • Less annoying in-call notifications


  • Stock recents customization
  • Clear all button customization
  • Memory bar
  • Recent styles
  • Hide apps from recents
  • Icon pack
  • Immersive recents
  • Recents layout (Stock/Grid/Android Go)
  • OmniSwitch
  • Slim recents


  • Berry styles (Light/Dark/Black/Auto)
  • Blur personalization
  • Dashboard suggestions
  • Dashboard conditions
  • Screen stabilization


  • Charging info
  • Hide statusbar
  • Lockscreen elements visibility
  • Notification count
  • Lockscreen colors
  • Clock and date options
  • Lockscreen alpha
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Wake and unlock
  • Ambient display music ticker
  • Ambient display bottom view (Weather/Battery/None)
  • Music cover art
  • Music visualizer
  • Disable power menu
  • Disable qs panel
  • Fingerprint vibration
  • FP unlock on boot
  • Face auto unlock
  • Custom bottom shortcuts


  • Navigation mode(Stock/Smartbar/Fling)
  • Dynamic navbar color
  • Pulse


  • Three-finger screenshot
  • Pie control
  • App circle bar
  • Gesture anywhere
  • Screen-on gestures
  • Touchscreen gestures


  • System Animations
  • Android P animations
  • Disable animations
  • QS tile animations
  • Listview animations
  • Custom Bootanimation
  • Screen off animation

How To Install Descendant OS on Max Pro M1-

  • Must have Unlock Bootloader
  • Must-Have Custom Recovery
  • Download (Link Below )
  • Go to your Recovery
  • Wipe Data System Cache Dalvik
  • Install ROM
  • Install Gapps
  • Reboot – 1st boot takes around 5-10 minutes.
  • Enjoy

Downloads For Max Pro M1-

Hope Your Enjoy Desendent Os on your Max pro M1. If yoyu have any questions feel free to ask in comment section.

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