Install DTS:X Ultra on Any Android Devices

Install DTS:X Ultra on Any Android Devices

Best Magisk Modules 2020

Magisk opens up your device to a world of modifications. The root is just one of the many modules you can install. A “Module” is an installable modification that allows for easy customization and tinkering. These modules include things like ad-blockers, emoji replacements, CameraAPI2 enablers, and much more. They’re handy mods that can extend the functionality of your Android device. Tons of useful modules can be found right here on XDA and in the Magisk Manager app. You can find the modules in the Manager app from the slide-out menu.

About DTS X Ultra:-

A big thanks to UltraM8, one of the Senior Members of the Xda Developers team. He has provided a port for the Install DTS:X Ultra & DTS Headphone:X which can be installed on Android devices running on Android 9 Pie. Moreover, the DTS:X Ultra & DTS Headphone:X is designed for bringing spatial audio experience. This mod by UltraM8 will work just fine and is AML compatible which means that you can install it even if you are using any other mod. AML means the Audio Modification Library. This further means that developers using the AudioModLib framework will work without conflicting other mods.

How To Install DTS X Ultra Magisk Modules-

Note:- It is advised that you must make a backup of all your data before going further with installing this mod. However, this mod is harmless and no one has faced any issues till yet but, any damage or harm caused to your phone during this process will not be the responsibility of Crazy Customization or the author of this article in any manner whatsoever.

Using Magisk-

  • Open the Magisk Manager and click on the modules section on the menu.
  • Tap on the “+” button at the bottom of the menu screen.
  • Search and open the downloaded zip file (DTX Ultra) and install it.
  • Once it has finished installing, tap on the Reboot button to restart your device.

Using TWRP-

  • You need to reboot your smartphone into the Recovery mode.
  • Select the Install button on the TWRP menu screen.
  • Search and open the downloaded zip file (DTX Ultra).
  • Swipe that file at the bottom to flash it on your device.
  • After this process click the Reboot button. 

With that, you have now successfully completed the installation of DTS:X Ultra on your Android 9 or android 10 based device. It is often advised in this article to create a backup of your files and device memory before flashing this mod. Please let us know in the comments below if you liked this article and also keep us informed if you have faced any difficulties performing this flash.

Download DTS X Ultra Here

Installation  [Video]:-

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I hope you have installed this DTS X Ultra magisk modules for better sound experience on your Android Smartphone successfully without any problem. If facing any issue leave a comment or feedback down below.

Thank you!.

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