Unlock 60fps HDR + Extreme Graphics In PUBG Mobile on Any Device | No GFX Tools No Root

Unlock 60fps HDR + Extreme Graphics In PUBG Mobile on Any Device | No GFX Tools No Root

In this post, I have given a detailed process on unlocking HDR + Extreme graphics setting in PUBG Mobile on Any Android Device without root or without the gfx tool. This method will unlock high graphics settings in PUBG Mobile on your device. If you have a low-end device and want to play PUBG mobile in HDR with an Extreme 60FPS setting, you need to follow this guide carefully.

Importance Of FPS in PUBG-

If you’re a beginner, you should know fps means frames per second. You use this term to measure the number of consecutive, full-screen images displayed in each second you’re actively playing. Fps is mostly used in measuring the game’s frame rate that is used explicitly in measuring video games’ performances.

How to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile-

Even on premium devices, you get the ability to set the Graphics to HDR, and the Frame Rate is set to High at most. However, you can unlock the revered Extreme Frame Rate mode on PUBG Mobile app and enjoy 60FPS for fluidic gameplay. But on some low-end devices, the graphic quality and frame rate is restricted to high only so you can not take the advantage of extreme frame rate on your low-end device which can really help in improving your game smoothness.

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You can Increase your Frame rate by using GFX Tools on your device but in this post, we will discuss a new method that can unlock high graphics setting in pubg mobile on any android device.

How to Enable HDR+Extreme in Your PUBG Mobile-

The process is very easy and simple. This method also works on non rooted devices as well as on rooted devices. Simply download EnjoyCJZC.ini file from the link given below and copy this file from your file manager and paste in given path in your file manager.

  1. Download Config File
  2. Copy Downloaded Config File
  3. Paste Downloaded Config File in given Path

Android Data com.tencent.ig Files UE4Game Shadowtrackerextra Shadowtrackerextra Saved→ Config Android

Download Unlock File - Click Here To download

Video Guide:-

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I hope you have successfully unlocked a high graphic setting in PUBG Mobile on your smartphone. If facing any issue leave a comment or feedback down below.

Thank you!.

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