Unlock Ultra HD Graphics and Audio in latest PUBG Mobile Update

Unlock UltraHD Graphics and Audio in latest PUBG Mobile

You should know if you're a beginner that fps means frames per second. This concept is used to calculate the amount of consecutive, full-screen images shown every second that you are playing actively. Fps is used primarily to calculate the frame rate of the game and is explicitly used to measure the output of video games.

PUBG Mobile and Fps -

You get the option to set the Graphics to HDR even on premium phones, and the frame rate is set to high at most. However, on the PUBG Mobile app, you can unlock the revered Extreme Frame Rate mode and enjoy 90FPS for smooth gameplay. The graphic quality and frame rate is limited to high on certain low-end devices, however, so you can not take advantage of the intense frame-rate on your low-end device, which can really help to boost the smoothness of your game.

By using GFX Apps, you can increase your frame rate, but in this article, we will address a new method that can enable high graphics setting on any rooted android device in pubg mobile. I have given a comprehensive method in this post to enable Ultra Graphics and Ultra Audio in PUBG Mobile 1.0 or a new update on any Android device without the gfx tool. This method will unlock PUBG Mobile's high graphics settings on your device. You must follow this guide carefully if you have a low-end phone and want to play PUBG mobile in Ultra Graphics with an Intense 60FPS environment.

Enable Ultra Graphics and Audio in Your PUBG Mobile -

Ultra Graphic and Audio is only intended for high-end devices, but you can still use it on any handset. The mechanism is really easy and quick. This technique also works both on non-rooted devices and on rooted devices. Just download the PUBGUltra.zip file from the connection below and extract it with the MT file manager.

  1. Download PUBGUltra.zip
  2. Download MT Manager Apk
  3. Extract PUBGUltra.zip
  4. Select File According to Your Pubg Version
  5. Tick Root and Execute
  6. Open PUBG Mobile
  7. Go to Download Section
  8. Download Ultra Graphic Resouce and Ultra Audio Pack
  9. Done.

Although you can set graphics to high and extreme FPS (90 FPS or 120 FPS), it can take a toll on the computer and heat it up, resulting in extreme lag and battery drain as well. It isn't optimal. Keeping the graphics low and optimized is best. 


MT Manager - Click Here
PUBG Ultra Zip File - Click Here

I hope you have successfully enabled the Ultra Graphics and Audio settings on your smartphone with PUBG Mobile 1.2. Leave a comment or suggestions below if faced with any problem.

Thank you!.

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