How to Fix SafetyNet Issue in Android 10 or 11

  Fix SafetyNet issueFix SafetyNet issue

Magisk Manager is one of the fastest-growing Non-Playstore Applications, meaning an unknown source app that is systemless built only for rooting devices. This app was created by one of the Xda-forum members to mask root access from some of the high-security apps. The developer of Magisk Su is Topjohnwu. It functions the same way as Super Su from Chainfire. But Super Su fails to move through the Safety Net, so most people turn to Magisk Core.

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 Are you facing the failed Magisk SafetyNet problem and struggling to fix it with Google's new update? Well, then we have done the hard part of digging for the solution and have written a detailed and simplified step-by-step guide to the Fix Magisk SafetyNet Failed Problem. This article will ease your pain a little bit. 


SafetyNet is Google's easy and scalable solution for checking the compatibility and protection of devices. Google trusts its Android SafetyNet to be the correct response for app developers who have questions about the security of their application. SafetyNet essentially protects confidential data inside an application with a strong focus on security and helps maintain user confidence as well as system integrity. SafetyNet belongs to Google Play Services and is independent of the manufacturer of the computer. Therefore, for the API to operate smoothly, Google Play Services needs to be activated on the device.

SafetyNet's range of services and APIs are extremely focused on protection, which opens up a new field of possibilities to defend the app from security threats when connected with an application. Therefore, for the API to operate smoothly, Google Play Services needs to be activated on the device.SafetyNet belongs to Google Play Services and is independent of the manufacturer of the computer.

Why SafetyNet Failed-

The SafetyNet search works in two parts, CTS Profile and Basic Integrity, and Safetynet fails because of them. Check out the given point to understand better —

1. CTS Profile Match will report as false:-

  • Uncertified device
  • Unlocked bootloader
  • Signs of system integrity compromise (rooting, etc)
  • Signs of other attacks (Xposed, EdXposed, etc)

2. Basic Integrity will report as false:-

  • Signs of system integrity compromise (rooting, etc)
  • Signs of other attacks (Xposed, EdXposed, etc)

Universal Method to Fix SafetyNet Failed Issue-

I propose a Universal Safetynet fix method that works on devices running Android 9/10 or Android 11. To run this method on your device, you need defined files-

  • Latest Version of Magisk [Download Here]
  • Hidden Core Xposed Module [Magisk Manager Download section]
  • Android Terminal App [PlayStore]

Now follow the steps given carefully to fix SafetyNet on your device after downloading all the necessary files.
  1. Open Magisk Manager and go to the setting section, and find the Magisk Hide option.
  2. Turn on Magisk Hide Option.
  3. Goto Magisk Download and install MagiskHide Props Config and Reboot.
  4. Download any Android Terminal Emulator from Play Store.
  5. Open Terminal App and Type "su" (without quotation) and give root permission.
  6. Again Type "props" (without quotation) and you will get some options.
  7. Type "1" (without quotation) from the given options to edit the device fingerprint.
  8. Now Type "f" (without quotation)  for Pick a certified fingerprint.
  9. Find Your "Smartphone Brand" from the given options and type that option(number).
  10. Now Find "Your Smartphone Model" from the Given List type that option(number).
  11. Now select Android Version from the list.
  12. Now Type "y" for yes to continue.
  13. Then reboot by typing "y".

Xposed Method to Fix SafetyNet Failed Issue - 

There is an alternate approach on your devices to fix the SafetyNet issue, but this technique is a bit lengthy and tough and takes more files and time to fix everything on your device. I share a step-by-step guide to fix the SafetyNet issue with Xposed Module. 

Download all the above files and place them in your device storage and follow the given steps-
  1. Open Magisk Manager and go to the Modules section, and then tap on the Plus Button.
  2. Now tap on the Plus Button and search and select RIRU Core Module file.
  3. After installation reboot device for the changes to work.
  4. Now install RIRU Manager App and reboot device.
  5. After reboot open RIRU manager app from app drawer.
  6. Check if it says, ‘Everything Looks Fine’, then you’re can proceed to the next steps.
  7. Open Magisk Manager again and install the EdXposed Yahfa Module in similar way we installed RIRU Core Module before.
  8. After installation again reboot your device.
  9. Now install the EdXposed Manager apk.
  10. Open the EdXposed Manager, if you don’t see any types of error, then you can proceed.
  11. Finally install the HiddenCore Module with Magisk Manager and reboot the device.
  12. If everything works as expected, then ctsProfile and basicintegrity will be passed.

We hope that you successfully passed the SafetyNet Test on your device with our working guide to bypass the Safetynet issue on most of the Android ROMs.If you have any further doubts regarding the Magisk SafetyNet Failed Issue, then make sure to comment down below. And you solved the Magisk SafetyNet Failed issue by following our guide then make sure to share it with your friends who are facing the same issue.

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